This course is aimed at developing general and academic language skills (including appropriate grammar and vocabulary), as well as those needed by students in their field of study. The course deals with: 1. Speaking and presentation development - students must prepare a short oral presentation (6-7 minutes) on a topic relating to one of the seminar themes, or an aspect of the student's study area or interest. Presentation preparation also involves improving abilities in leading/participating in discussions and responding to questions, requests, or comments appropriately. Other oral skills involve discussions, expressing one's own ideas, paraphrasing others' ideas, and summarizing the main ideas of academic texts.  2. Reading - working with academic texts that relate to the areas of study of FA students, and developing orientation, comprehension, and summarizing skills in relation to the readings; 3. Writing - expanding skills of summary writing, expressing ideas, and writing texts that pertain to the student's field of study; 4. Listening - developing aural comprehension in the context of discussions, presentations, and recordings. Tasks are based on understanding the main ideas of audio extracts, as well as specific details.

Welcome to the online course “Project Skills”. This course is especially intended for PhD students and it was created thanks to the support of the IGA project.